Logo Design

Strong brand or visual identity graphic design is essential for any company or organization. The logo you use to represent yourself will often be the first and most important visual impression a potential client or customer will receive. Your logo design must be not only uniquely recognizable, but should fit the style of your industry and include visual elements that are scalable for print, digital marketing, embroidery, and screen printing. Simplicity is key, but not at the expense of style.

Dave Bregande has a diverse portfolio of logo designs, spanning multiple industries including finance, law, real estate, music, sports, and restaurants.

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Porta Via Ristorante Nashville logo design
Irish Sports Daily logo
Best Bangkok Tours logo design

Collateral Design

Any brand or product requires collateral for sales, marketing, and visibility. The materials that you present to the public are important for making a unique impression in a competitive world. Digital presentation materials such as PowerPoint presentations, digital whitepapers, and digital brochures can add another level of interactivity with your potential and current clients. Simplicity of messaging is important, utilizing succinct language with strong visual support including graphics, charts, graphs, and photography. Interactive pdfs and brochures help clarify your message in an intuitive and attractive way.

Dave Bregande offers graphic design solutions for all of your sales and marketing materials, including business cards, brochures, white papers, print and digital advertisements, book covers and jackets, and more.

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ZBest collateral brochure page design
Porta Via Ristorante menu design
Porta Via Ristorante collateral design

CD & Album Design

Recording and releasing music is a difficult but rewarding creative endeavor. And in the ever changing world of music marketing, strong artwork and presentation remains a constant. Your finished project must reflect the essence and artistry of your music. CD design, LP/vinyl record sleeve design, digital music booklets, and social media imagery are all important parts of marketing your music to a wide audience with the professionalism it deserves.

Dave Bregande has created compelling CD designs, posters, and collateral support for southern rock legends The Outlaws and Blackhawk; award-winning singer/songwriter Jeff Cohen (Pancho’s Lament); actress/singer/songwriter Alicia Witt; Nashville country artists Dixie Jade; Atlanta world music rockers Janah; and more. The passion you put into your music deserves equal passion for its presentation!

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Janah Iris, Oak, and Jasmine CD jacket interior design
Dixie Jade Stubborn Woman CD jacket design
Pancho's Lament CD cover design

Poster Design

Effective poster design requires a balance between beauty and purpose. Beyond the purely decorative poster design is the content driven, informative poster design. This requires a clear and legible message, with ample space for pertinent information, tied together with color, shape, form and composition. Custom illustration or professional photography is a must for a beautiful poster.

Whether promoting a festival, a cd release, a movie premier or a concert, effective poster design is a must for capturing an audience. Dave Bregande is a student of beautiful graphic design, and brings his passion for the poster design medium to you.

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Kirsten Joy Weiss The Joy of Shooting poster design
Nashville Film Festival poster design


Illustration is a diverse discipline with varied definitions. Dave Bregande has been drawing from the time he was old enough to hold a pencil! Comic book art from Jack Kirby and Sal and John Buscema, children’s book illustrator and author Maurice Sendak, art nouveau master Alphonse Mucha, and vintage travel poster art from the 1950’s & 60’s have all strongly influenced Dave’s aesthetic and illustration style.

Besides book illustration and poster design, Dave has illustrated for technical manuals, infographics, litigation presentations, custom illustration for keepsakes, CD/album covers, and real estate floorpans and elevations.

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Amber custom illustration
Outlaws An American Original poster design

Packaging Design

Excellent package design is the most important step to getting noticed. That’s because for most people, the product on the inside is only as good as the presentation on the outside. Like it or not, people do and will judge a book by its cover, and if your product is getting lost on the shelf, perhaps it needs a fresh and new package design to separate it from the crowd.

Dave Bregande has added his touch to a variety of label designs, kit box package designs, and consumer product package designs. Appropriate and deliberate graphic design choices, paper choices and printing techniques are all a part of creating a look and feel that serves you well and keeps your product current and recognizable.

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Comic Book Illustration

Dave Bregande is an avid reader of comic books and an admirer of the great comic artists Jack Kirby, Sal and John Buscema, Alex Ross, Adi Granov, and Steve McNiven. And like most comic enthusiasts, he is of course a fan of classic Looney Tunes from Warner Bros, The Pink Panther, The Simpsons, and other cartoon classics.

Recently, Dave had the exciting opportunity to draw and design a bi-monthly comic book for international tech giant Siemens corporation. Used as a corporate training tool, with a hilarious and silly script from writer Jon Lawry, Siemens ran seven issues of the “Unleash You Inner Drives Champion” campaign for its North American sales force.

Dave’s interpretation of the script, over-the-top character design, and vast knowledge of the creation and construction of comics made this project a huge success. Dave can take this creative and innovative idea to your company, tailored to fit your needs.

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Siemens Drives Champion comic book page illlustration

T-Shirt Graphic Design

The t-shirt business is extremely competitive, and creating graphic designs that attract attention is a tricky problem requiring a clever solution. The t-shirt concept is always important, but the time frame for the relevance of a t-shirt graphic might be fleeting. Because of this, in order to maximize sales, speed to market and cultural relevance always play a role. So if a catchy t-shirt design is part of your branding strategy, Dave Bregande should be your first call.

Dave has years of experience creating eye-catching t-shirts with 1, 2, and 3-color designs. He has been retained by several well-known companies, including sportscrack.com and Pull-a-Part, and his shirt designs have been featured on ESPN and other national broadcasts.

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Pull A Part t-shirt design
Campionati Mondiali t-shirt design
Tour delle Alpi t-shirt design
More Espresso, Less Depresso t-shirt design

Online Game Design

Through a collaboration with Jeromie Neidlinger at Primary Theory in Atlanta, GA, Dave Bregande designed several Flash-based, casino-style, online games for Pagcor, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. A detailed wireframe was provided, and Dave created original illustrations and designs for animated icons, interactive buttons, atmospheric backgrounds, and fully animated bonus rounds.

From digital slot-machines and card games, to virtual scratch-off games, Dave’s exciting style made Pagcor games some of the most popular of the online gambling industry. The skills used to create these designs translate to any animated or interactive work you might require.

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